Apr 19, 2012

Methi Paratha - With Kasoori Methi!!!!

Hi guys!!!

I recently picked up a large pack of Kasoori methi and ever since I have been using it in so many ways in different recipes. I have had methi parathas when I used to work in Mumbai. I loved them as such. As a matter of fact, I used to have them without an y curry :-) I did try making these amazing parathas when I was in Chennai once and it turned out lovely. I used fresh leaves then. But with the difficulty to find fresh methi leaves here I had to go with kasoori methi. Take my word, it still tastes wonderful!!!

Now lets see the recipe.


Wheat flour / Atta - 3 cups
Besan flour - 1 cup
Ginger & Garlic paste - 1 tsp
Chilli powder - 1 tsp
Salt - 1 tsp
Kasoori methi - 2 tbsp
Oil - 1 tbsp


1. In a pan add 2 cups of water and bring it to boil. Now add the Kasoori methi and let it cook for a few minutes. Turn off heat when the leaves have expanded a bit. Set this aside.
2. Take all ingredients other than oil in a wide vessel and mix well. Now add the kasoori methi leaves and gradually use the water you used to cook the leaves to knead the flour into a smooth dough.
3. When the dough has reached the chapathi flour consistency add the oil and knead well.
4. Divide the dough into small balls and spread them into thin discs.
5. Heat a tawa and cook the spread discs on both sides till brown spots appear. Add a few drops of oil if you regularly use them to make chapathis.

Serve hot with any curry of your choice!!!


  1. Paratha luks super yummy..Glad to be in ur blog

  2. wow thats an delicious and healthy version of paratha looks superb :) thankyou for shearing this information with us!chowringhee restaurant


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