Jan 11, 2012

Hello ladies!!!!

A Desperate Housewife's Diary!!!! When I thought I was about to start a blog this was the first title that popped in my head.. Is there a reason as to why I chose this blog title????

Yes... I am a big fan of the Desperate Housewives TV series. The final season has just started to be on air last weekend and I am already excited about watching the whole series!!! ( Aaaah!! Now I remember mocking my mother for being a TV serial addict... Hellooo.. She was a desperate housewife too.. )

But is that the only reason... I don't think so... I realise that every housewife is desperate in some level. Especially those who are new to being a housewife (like me). After years of being busy, waking up and running to office and having a breakfast on the way(if not skipping it) and having a cold lunch, staring at the monitor and having dinners at odd times and rarely getting any sleep and LOOOOOOOOONGING to have a break from the "horrible" life.. Now having the break that I always wanted, all I do is sit and apply for jobs and want badly to get back in the old cycle rather than appreciating all the time I have got for myself... The time that I can use to groom myself into a better home maker.. A better cook who can achieve making my husband fat.. (just kidding, or am I??)..

So I have decided to start in full gear blogging my kitchen experiments along with anything else I find is worth sharing with friends.. Yes, I am desperate to be a good housewife.. Wish me luck.. Oh yeah, I am thinking of baking a batch of butter biscuits ( I miss the Ganesh bakery's butter biscuits..) this afternoon.. Hope to start my recipes section with butter biscuits..

See you soon ladies and Happy blogging!!!!!


  1. Lovely! Good luck blogging. Did you send an invite to add me as admin? I first accepted it but then did not know if you sent it by mistake! Love the title. Looking forward to your butter biscuit recipe!

  2. He he he ..welcome to blogosphere...

  3. Thanks girls!!!! Keep visiting coz I need the support great cooks :-)

  4. Hello,
    Your blog name dragged me here and GLAD I CAME :)
    I think I'm in a similar boat right now but in a way also enjoying being at home after all those mad rushing hrs n irritating office ppl (You know what I mean).
    Will be a regular visitor. You can fine me on:

    Happy Blogging n sharing :))


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