Mar 8, 2012

White Chocolate Mousse with Strawberry garnish!!!

Hi guys!!!

I am a big-time chocolate addict and can have chocolate in any form. And by any form I just don't mean milk,dark or white chocolate. I also mean that I love chocolate be it a sauce, spread, cake, a candy bar itself or just the last bit of it sticking to the wrapper :-) Yes.. I am crazy about chocolates. Almost every single time we visit the grocery store, I make myself look like a sad kitty and beg Ganesh to get me a chocolate bar. You might wonder , why beg, because if I take them without his approval he sets them aside when billing.. How bad right!!! And again, why his approval, because every single time he gets me a chocolate bar he has to be ready to get himself blamed for letting me eat unwanted calories when we get home.. Now u know how difficult it is to be the husband of a crazy chocolate lover!!!!

Now coming to the mousse. I am regular visitor of the Joy of baking website. i came across a Chocolate mousse recipe that tempted me into making it at home. The site has the recipe with regular chocolate but I prepared a white chocolate version. It was really easy to prepare and is a great dessert when you have friends coming over.

Lets take a look at the recipe.

Serves - 6 people

White chocolate - 120 gms
Unsalted butter - 2 tbsp
Granulated sugar - 4 tbsp
Eggs - 2 large (separated)
Vanilla extract - 1/2 tsp
Cream of tartar - 1/8 tsp (skip if not available. I did not use it)
Heavy whipping cream - 1/2 cup

For garnish:
Strawberries - 5 whole (chopped)
Sugar - 2 tsp


1. Make sure the butter and eggs are in room temperature.
2. Melt the chocolate and butter on a double boiler or in a microwave and set aside.
3. Beat the egg yolks with a hand whisk or fork along with the chocolate mixture and set aside.
4. Now in a separate bowl beat the egg whites, cream of tartar (if using) and 2 tbsp of sugar till they turn pale white, fluffy and form soft peaks.
5. Again in a separate bowl, beat the cream, vanilla extract and remaining sugar till they get creamy and form soft peaks.
6. Now add the egg white mixture into the chocolate mixture in small portions and mix well. Finally fold in the whipped cream mixture into it and mix thoroughly.
7. Transfer this into the 6 serving dishes and refrigerate till serving. The refrigeration time should be a minimum of 2-3 hours. Longer refrigeration results in firmer mousse.
8. You can prepare the garnish just before serving. Heat the chopped strawberries and sugar in a kadai on low flame. Sprinkle some water after a couple of minutes of heating. Keep stirring till the strawberry starts to ooze. Turn off heat and use this to garnish the mousse.

Serve the mousse chilled!!!!

Sending this to the Cakes, Cookies and Desserts event hosted by Anjali.


  1. first time in ur,....the chocolate mousse looks so delicious.....absolutely yummy ! u have a very nice space......following ur space visit my space sometime :-)

  2. Love white chocolate. Mousse sounds really delicious with those strawberries :)

  3. This is indeed a wonderful recipe!!! Looks yum!!!

  4. A lovely, strawberry flavored dive-in mousse. :)
    Thanks for linking.

    Event : Cakes, Cookies and Desserts


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