Mar 23, 2012

Molten Lava Chocolate Cake!!!

Hi guys!!!

Ever since I had my first molten lava cake in Dominos a few years back, this has always been high in the list of my favorite desserts. Although it took this long for me to try baking one at home. I did not buy ramekins till a few weeks back, so my first attempt was in coffee mugs. I just filled the mug around 1/4 th full with the batter and baked for less than 15 minutes. That turned out great too. But baking these little chocolate babies in the ramekins makes it even more appealing. Trust me, this could be the yummiest baked good that is prepared from start-to-end in less than half an hour!!!!

I wanted to take pics of the gooey center but both of us were going nuts on these cakes as soon as they were done :-) But I hope you can still make out the center in this pic as well. Now lets see the recipe.

Fills about 4 ramekins.

Baking chocolate (Dark/Milk) - 120 gms
Butter - 100 gms + for greasing ramekins
Eggs - 2
Sugar - 1/3 cup
All-purpose flour / Maida - 1/4 cup


1. Preheat oven to 180C.
2. Melt the chocolate either in a microwave or a double boiler. Add the butter to the melted chocolate and mix well till it melts completely.
3. In a mixing bowl break the eggs and add sugar. Beat them till soft and fluffy.
4. Add the chocolate mixture to the egg mixture and toss in the flour as well. Mix till all the ingredients are well incorporated.
5. Grease the ramekins and pour the mixture till about 3/4th full. Pop it in the oven and bake for 10-15 minutes. Stop baking at around 12 minutes for gooey center and continue till 15 minutes for stiff center.

Serve warm with Vanilla ice cream or just dig in as such!!!!


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